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Not Your Grandma's Chiffon - 10 New Options for Mom

Okay so I've never been a big fan of chiffon, at all, like ever... that is until recently. I just remember going to church with my grandmother on hot summer Sundays in the south and she and all the other church ladies had on these fancy flowy church dresses and suits. At 10 years old... wasn't interested. At 20 years old... wasn't interested. At 30... well you get the point lol, but as I approach my 40th year I've fallen in love with chiffon dresses!

I grabbed this pretty floral Chiffon Dress from H&M back in April and it's been in frequent rotation since then. The material is so lightweight (obviously grandma was onto something) and breathable and can be dressed down for errands or a cookout, or dressed up for church (if we're ever able to do that again). Take a look at how I styled mine for a walk in the city plus others I plan on adding to my wardrobe!

Shop this chiffon dress and other affordable options from H&M!

Thanks for reading! XOXO - D

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