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10 Moms of Color Killing it in The Fashion Game

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I always thought that if you were a mom that meant your personal life and style had to go out the window and in should come something boring cookie cutter style. Thanks to my kids telling me “ma you’re too popping for basic” and these mommas serving major inspo all up in down my timeline that I’ve finally found and embraced what mom style looks like for me!


Dayna is a married momma of two serving up comfortable, casual, chic vibes in everything from her personal style to her home life. Check out her page for mom life, wife life, home life, fitness, beauty and of course style!


Mikaela is also a married momma of two, and if you can’t tell from this picture she’s full of fun artistic vibes! She’s a stylist, newbie designer, and blogger and she’s good person to follow for pushing you out of your style box. Her young son has even stepped up as her personal photographer (he shot this pic) how cute!


Tennille is a 40+ lifestyle influencer and celebrity flight attend who has taken the Instagram world by storm with her signature gray strands! She’s a married momma of two who serves up classic clean beauty and lifestyle that is anything but boring. Check out her IGTV and IG stories for snippets of her daily beauty secrets.


Her Chaos Girl is a style firm owned and operated by this lovely 40+ momma of two! She has the most fun, genuine conversations surrounding self care, beauty, and of course style. If you’re into learning about sustainable lux fashion and embracing all of the chaos that comes being a woman and/or a mom, this is a great page to check out!


Authentic is just what you’re going to get from following Brandy Gueary. This wife and momma is currently expecting a new bundle very soon but it’s not slowing her down from giving us all the fashion and lifestyle inspo! Brandy is 1/4 of the popular @influencingincolor squad and stands out by sharing bold bright affordable styles, natural beauty and haircare.


Gail G. is another influential married mother of two. One of the things I love about following Gail is that she doesn’t seem to have one set lane for her choice in fashion. She can be seen in some dope street style in one post to super casual and cute in another. She’s also a woman after my own heart by giving us girls who don’t wear heels all of the time lots of stylish flat shoe options.


Sai De Silva and her family are exactly what my family is like in my head lol. They serve up those classy, bougie, ratchet vibes in the most elegant but down to earth way. Her style plus her kids’ style are straight up iconic, and her TikTok game has me taking lessons. Check our her blog, IG and Pinterest for lots of tips on a healthy lifestyle, their personal styles, and more.