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You're a What Kind of Coach?

That's right, I'm an Intimacy Coach and I couldn't be more glad that I decided to become one!

With intimacy coaching I have the opportunity to transform and impact the lives and relationships of young adult women and men every single day through the sharing of my personal experiences of things like being a teen mom, infidelity and divorce, as well as share with them core elements of my professional training. For me, it's not just a profession but it's a passion and in a way my ministry. If I can help at least one person make better decisions with their bodies and relationships, and help at least one couple stay "happily married ever after" then my purpose is complete.

I hope this blog and everything that comes with it challenges you and motivates you to have better intimate relationships with yourself and the ones you love. Everything sex, sexuality, intimacy, and relationships is on the table and nothing will be held back! Feel free to subscribe, contact me with topic suggestions, or book a one on one consultation with me. Be on the lookout for a more interactive experience through the Instagram account and Podcast "Sexversations With Dee Michele".

Blessings... Dee

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