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What to do when you have no idea where to start for an outfit...

So I've been invited to an event tonight for a friend of mine that has a band. The event is taking place at a popular, upscale type brewery in the heart of downtown. On the flyer suggested fit is "Sexy Swaggy Golf Attire"... pause, what the hell is that??? Sis has never been golfing, to a country club, a derby or anything even related so what am I supposed to wear?

Can any of you ladies relate to that? You have an event or something coming up and your totally clueless on where to begin? If that's ever been you my solution to that is doing some detective work on Google and Pinterest! Simply type in some key words for what you're looking for and you should pretty easily be able to find some sort of style inspo. You could try recreating the look exactly the way you see it or play around and use those looks as just a starting point. These are also great ways for beginning to play around with looks and update your style!

Check out some of the looks I found as inspiration tonight! If you want to see the final look I go with, follow me over on instagram

If you're interested in updating your wardrobe with me as your guide, book a free consultation or style session!

Style Inspo #1 - Cute and comfortable! Classic black shorts, a sexy patterned open top blouse, simple jewelry, leather sandals, and a a chic statement belt and bag.

Style Inspo #2 - Sexy but still elegant! Beautiful wide-leg black pants with matching front-tie top (styled just off the shoulder), understated jewelry, and trendy summer bag. I would probable where flats because I like being comfortable but, you could wear heels with this look as well!

Style Inspo #3 - Sexy Sophistication! This is probably my favorite look out of the three... I don't know if it's the confidence she's giving me or what, but I am infatuated! Effortlessly styled in all white from head to toe with a simple white cotton tee, high-waisted white pants, and sleeveless duster jacket. Gorgeous black shades, simple but unique jewelry, and a statement bag tie this look together perfectly. You could where a flat sandal for this look, but I would go for a heel with this one.
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