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Self Pleasure is Self Care

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

But so few women know where to start.

To begin with... we often compete with conflicting thoughts about self pleasure like it being dirty, my body is ugly, it’s weird, Black girls don’t do that, it’s sinful, this is something for men, etc... that we can have so much unpacking to do before we can even get our minds open to experience and enjoy pleasure.

Once you get there though... knowing yourself is one of the most empowering acts and gifts a woman can give herself.

She becomes more aware and begins to know when something is not right with her body both physically and emotionally, she begins to feel worthy and confident, she begins to be able to express her desires and needs more clearly, is usually happier within herself and her roles as mom, wife, caretaker, boss, and employee, and so much more.

if you’re a woman who has ever struggled with being able to connect with those most intimate parts, know that you are not alone (most of us have been there) and that there is help available.

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I’m always happy to work in groups that speak to women and couples as well. Email me for more information. 💕

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